Anissa: “They seriously care about me as a patient and a person.”

Anissa and Community Health Care, Inc. provider Larissa Biscoe

Anissa and Community Health Care, Inc. provider Larissa Biscoe

Anissa came to Community Health Care, Inc. more than a year ago seeking primary medical care to control her diabetes. In her words, she “wasn’t doing so great,” and found a care team that was empathetic, understanding and knowledgeable.

“They seriously care about me as a patient and a person,” Anissa said. “They gave me a better understanding of the care I needed. I really got to know them and they showed me a lot of empathy.”

Using the patient-centered model, Anissa was assigned to Larissa Biscoe, one of the physician assistants in the East Moline, Ill., clinic along with a team that included a nurse, a medical assistant and a care coordination assistant.

“We know that patients who see the same provider each time will build a relationship that results in improved care,” Larissa said. “We are seeing better management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. For example, we did a lot of trial and error with Anissa to find something that worked for her. This included quality time with our registered nurse, Tanya, who discussed her health in-depth. That extra time is helpful to the patient.”

Anissa admits that she was dumbfounded on what to do, “Larissa and Nurse Tanya are two of the most wonderful people in the world. We tried everything and they got me straightened out. My quality of life has most definitely improved.”

Part of the patient-centered method includes establishing health goals with each patient.

“A few months ago we got her on goal and we were jumping and screaming in the exam room,” Larissa said. “Everyone thought we were having a party, but we were so excited to celebrate her accomplishment!”

And while Anissa says Larissa and her team are the reason for her success, the care team credits their patient. “Anissa desires and learns how to get better—it’s why her life has improved so much.”

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