Desiree Goldman Finds Care That Fits Her Budget

desiree_headshotDesiree Goldman is a real estate agent. Goldman, a single mother of two, has health insurance with a high deductible, so Piedmont Health Services  (Carrboro, NC) is a good alternative to a walk-in clinic.  Goldman participates in a pilot program started by Piedmont Health Services and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce to provide employees with affordable health care at the Community Health Center.  Before the program, Goldman paid close to $100 per visit at a walk-in clinic, but she said the real savings are in the prescriptions. “You put those two factors together, and it’s a huge amount of savings.”  Piedmont Health Services CEO, Brian Toomey, told the Chapel Hill News, “When you hear about a community health clinic, did you ever think it would be the place for real estate agents, laywers, and other professionals would come at their own choosing to get their health care?”

 Desiree Goldman, patient, Piedmont Health Services, Carrboro, NC. Information also collected from The Chapel Hill News. 

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