Fern Had a Feeling Something Was Wrong. She Was Right.

In June, 2012, 46 year old Fern Cox, unemployed and uninsured, made an appointment at Open Door Family Medical Centers, a Federally Qualified Health Center serving patients in Westchester and Putnam County, New York. She had a feeling something was wrong, and she was right. After a series of tests that Open Door Patient Advocate Alison Raker helped arrange for her, Fern was diagnosed with lung cancer. No one wants to receive a diagnosis of cancer, and under the best of circumstances, coordinating and navigating treatment can be complicated and difficult. For an uninsured patient the situation can quickly become dire. Because she didn’t have insurance, receiving the appropriate tests needed to confirm her diagnosis was close to impossible. However, through the exhaustive efforts of Ms. Raker and Dr. Samantha Rai, Fern was able to have a CAT Scan and biopsy to confirm her diagnosis, which then qualified her to receive emergency Medicaid. She was then referred to oncologists and surgeons at Westchester Medical Center. Fern had surgery to remove the tumor on her lung, and today she is completing the last weeks of her course of chemotherapy treatment and looking forward to celebrating her 47th birthday on June 10.  You can hear Fern’s story in her own words by viewing this link:

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