Gloria Rosero: Finding Both Coverage and Care in New York

Gloria Rosero 2Gloria Rosero is a healthy woman in her forties and has been uninsured for most of her adult life. Self-employed, Rosero operates her own house cleaning business. She earns enough to pay her bills, but until recently purchasing health insurance was unaffordable. Prior to the Affordable Care Act there were few options for self-employed people like Gloria to purchase coverage. She would only see the doctor for annual visits and always worried what would happen if she ever required more extensive medical services outside of those offered by Open Door Family Medical Services.  Not only is Gloria a patient at Open Door, but both of her daughters, Andrea and Grace, work at the health center’s site in Ossining, NY.

“It was my daughters who told me it was time to sign up for insurance,” said Rosero.   “I was always looking for health insurance in the past, but it was too expensive.  But I decided to go and meet with a Certified Application Counselor at Open Door.  It was very quick and easy – and it was not difficult to get on the web site.”

After completing the application, Rosero learned that she was eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit and would receive cost-sharing reductions on deductibles and copayments.  For the first time, she could afford to enroll in a health plan that met her needs and allowed her to continue seeing her doctor.

“It felt different when I finally had that card,” said Rosero. “I am at peace because I am not worried about anything.  Now I have insurance in addition to having a great place to go for good healthcare. Everyone needs to have this because it resolves a lot of problems. That is important.  I am grateful this law was passed and I am very grateful to Open Door for all they do to keep me healthy.”


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