Hiring Veterans in South Dakota

Lt. Col John Staley, U.S. Army, and Horizon Health Care CEO John Mengenhausen

Lt. Col John Staley, U.S. Army and Horizon Health Care CEO John Mengenhausen

Horizon Health Care, Inc., located in Howard, South Dakota, has been in the business of healthcare for nearly forty years.   Not only does the Community Health Center pride itself on providing excellent and personalized care to its rural patients, it also hires veterans and is doing what it can to hire more. Now the health center is the first in the state to join a program that connects U.S. Army service members with jobs after they come home. The U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program is a strategic partnership between the Army and a cross section of corporations and public sector agencies.  The goal of the program is to help the Army attract skilled young people and secure their success once their military service is complete. The Army will provide training, as long as the service member agrees to work for a specific partner organization once they are released. The partnership will also help Horizon Health Care build a workforce with a veterans who bring a unique skill-set and experience to the table, and indeed a demonstrated commitment to public service.

“We are honored and privileged to be the first Army PaYS partner in South Dakota and I look forward to what this means for our rural communities and the rest of the state,” said Horizon Chief Executive Office John Mengenhausen. “As a military veteran myself, I am proud that we are able to pledge our support and dedication to providing job opportunities for those serving our country. We currently employ nearly 250 employees, and three percent of them are veterans. With this agreement in place, I hope to raise that number between 6 and 10 percent within one to two years.”

With 83,000 patient visits a year, and 24 operating sites, Horizon Health Care understands the value of having a trained and dedicated workforce. It’s services include medical, dental and mental health services, and Telemedicine.

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