How I went from having a sinus infection to becoming a Community Health Center employee

AEProfile2“When I graduated from college I wanted to get involved in public health or social work of some sort. Like many my age, I searched months for a job with no success. I had never heard of a Community Health Center. I suddenly came down with a debilitating sinus infection. With no insurance, and living off a waitress salary, I was scared and nervous about visiting a doctor. After calling around I was referred to a Community Health Center that happened to be in my little hometown, Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers in Western Wisconsin.  I was able to get a same day appointment and everyone I dealt with along the way was kind and compassionate. It helped curb my anxiety about paying for the services needed. However, due to the sliding fee I left that office with a bill of only $19 for my exam and prescription. I can not begin to explain my relief. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be part of that Community Health Center. Months later I was able to secure the position of a receptionist and from there I moved into Marketing and Community Outreach. I get to spread the word about our wonderful services and success stories every day! When I get to explain our center to someone for the first time- the moment of realization and relief always reminds me of my personal story and how this Community Health Center impacted my life!”

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