JoAnna Miller’s Story: “You think you can cope with whatever comes up…”

joanna200Although used to living a good and prosperous life with lots of advantages including health and dental care, JoAnna Miller and husband lost their savings and everything else within a matter of a few short years. “What we never imagined was how quickly money goes when someone is seriously ill, even with health insurance benefits. Without benefits at all, it costs a great deal of money to receive . . . healthcare,” JoAnna said. JoAnna is not only a three-year commercial licensed driver for special needs kids in the Muncie Community School system, she has earned a secondary education degree from Ball State University and is a licensed insurance agent and small business owner. She is also the widow of a General Motors engineer.

“You think . . . you can cope with whatever comes up,” she said when asked why she had come to Open Door Health Services (ODHS). “Often it’s a given gift you would have never thought of. I’ve found good always comes when it is needed most,” she added.

In April 2002, JoAnna’s life changed due to a series of tragic events. Her husband’s health went into decline when injuries from an accident produced severe seizures.  One caused his spine to break in three separate places. JoAnna quit work to attend to her husband’s needs. In 2003, her only child, Brandon, was killed in a head-on snow-mobile crash in Dunkirk. He was 31. A baby boomer with a strong sense of conviction as well as faith, JoAnna noted her financial security dwindled as her husband’s medical expenses skyrocketed. She was without an income, and also had neglected her own health issues and had not made time for medical check ups, until coming to ODHS. She was extremely complimentary about Sandy Bailey, Certified Nurse Midwife and the Women’s Health staff, as well as the Dental department and Deb Spurr, Family Nurse Practitioner. At this point, JoAnna has received care from three different departments and feels “blessed” to receive such wonderful care.

“When contributing to the United Way campaign, I designated my money to go to Open Door and the Hillcroft Center. I still get the newspaper and receive M Magazine. I read about Open Door Health Services,” she stated. “I would like for our community to know [that] being helped and attended to by qualified health providers and their support staff begins at Open Door. When one first walks in she is welcomed with every step taken inside the clinic and that welcome is in every staff member you are introduced to and attended by! You may have health concerns walking in the front door, but by the time you leave, you are truly given a gift,” said JoAnna.

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