Carlos Decided He Was Not Going to Let Diabetes Control Him

Maple City Health Care Center’s patients (immigrant, Hispanic, low-income) suffer chronic disease with alarming prevalence. Despite a rigorous protocol for diabetes control, almost half of their diabetic patients have HgA1C higher than 7. This past year, the Goshen, Indiana health center received a grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, as part of their “Innovations in Community Health” initiative, in partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). The project targets these patients and encourages their participation in Healthy Living Groups – a strategy that incorporates two evidence-based national models and leverages the power of relationships to modify behavior. It is a simple formula that works.

A case in point is “Carlos,” who participated in Maple City Health Care Center’s project funded by the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust.

Arely Perez, Chronic Disease Manager, Maple City Health Care Center

Arely Perez, Chronic Disease Manager, Maple City Health Care Center

Several members of Carlos’ family had died from diabetes so when he learned that he had the disease it felt like a death sentence. But when Carlos talked with Arely Perez, the chronic disease treatment coordinator at Maple City Health Care Center, he learned that with diet and exercise, there was hope for a long and healthy life.

Carlos decided he was not going to let diabetes control him. He joined the Healthy Living Group hosted by the center. He benefited from a close relationship with the center’s doctors and dietician and learned how to manage his illness with nutrition, exercise and regular check-ups.

Carlos says with his improved health, he feels like he’s twenty again. Carlos describes exercise as “God’s medicine” and feels grateful to be alive to see his son graduate from college. For Carlos, helping his children go to college is his mission and his contribution to the health of the community.

Written by Don Yost, Storyteller, Maple City Health Care Center

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