Nancy Biegel Worried Every Day She Might Need to Go to the Hospital

Nancy and her significant other James with Mary's Center President Mary S. Gomez

Nancy and her significant other James with Mary’s Center President Mary S. Gomez

“I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, high blood pressure, hearing loss, a clotting disorder, and had a hernia and an infection,” said Nancy Biegel to a room of reporters and officials at a press conference held by Mary’s Center in Washington, D.C.

Without insurance since 2003, Biegel worried every day that she might have a sudden emergency and need to go to hospital. A small business owner, Nancy did have an individual insurance plan, but each year her monthly premium went up about $110 dollars. She ran up her credit debt and emptied her bank account trying to keep up with the cost. Eventually she had to choose between her health insurance and her home. She chose her home. When she finally stopped paying for coverage her premium was $650 a month plus copays and deductibles.

She was counting the days until the Affordable Care Act kicked in so she could finally address her medical needs.

“Today, six months later with the help of Mary’s Center, I am happy to say that I have qualified for insurance as of January 1st 2014,” she said.

On January 30th Nancy was able to have her hernia repaired and was also treated for an undiagnosed significant internal infection she had been dealing with for quite some time. Over the last year she hadn’t felt well but, not having access to health coverage, she hadn’t sought care.

“I was relieved to know that I could spend six days in the hospital undergoing IV antibiotic treatment and my new health insurance would cover the cost,” said Biegel. “President Obama kept pushing the new health law when others were giving up. I am eternally grateful to him and to his administration for making this law a reality for me and for millions of other Americans.”

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