Joanne Feaster: “If it were not for my health center, I would be sick and depressed.”

“Wake Rock Quarry Health Center (Wake Health Services, Raleigh, NC) has helped me greatly. I am a colon cancer survivor. If it were not for the health center I would probably be sick and depressed. I would go the hospital for services but they don’t have a clinic anymore. I have no health insurance. My job used to offer health insurance, and then they stopped and then the company moved to another city. I had been sick and trying to work, and I kept putting off care because I had to work to pay the bills. I went to the emergency room and they diagnosed me with cancer. I didn’t leave the hospital for a month. After I left the hospital, Rock Quarry offered to provide me with services.They check me for cancer. They write prescriptions. I would have nowhere to go for care if it wasn’t for Rock Quarry Road.”

Learn more about Community Health Centers’ efforts to eliminate colon cancer as a public health problem,

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